NBPRC Knowledge Nuggets

Results of RNAO’s 2014-15 Best Practice Spotlight Organizations® Impact Survey

November 2015

An impact survey of RNAOs Best Practice Spotlight Organizations®, which included the majority of NBPRC Organizational Members, was conducted to learn how RNAO best practice guidelines have spread throughout organizations, how many nurses, units, teams, and patients/clients/residents have been influenced by the guidelines, and which of the guidelines have had the most impact on nursing practice and client outcomes.
The project lead and sponsor from 50 established BPSO organizations were invited to answer the survey on behalf of their organization. International Host Sites were asked to forward the survey to their direct sites; overall there was a 70% response rate.

From these responses alone, it was determined that hundreds of RPNs, thousands of RNs, and the care of over 3 million patients/clients/residents are affected annually by the use of RNAO best practice guidelines.  Organizations noted improved outcomes such as a reduction in falls and falls related injuries, pressure ulcer incidence and prevalence, and vascular access infections, to name a few. 
Increased wound healing, pain management, breastfeeding, smoking cessation, and overall patient/client/resident satisfaction rates were all reported. Nurses indicated that by following guideline recommendations they were more likely to conduct assessments such as falls risk, tobacco and nicotine use, and pressure ulcer risk. Formal nurse leadership training and mentorship were prioritized as a result of the guidelines.
For more information on the results of the survey, and the impact of the BPSO® program and RNAO guidelines, please see the summary report online at http://rnao.ca/bpg/bpso/impact_survey